Health Policies

Little Athletics understands there are various factors that can affect a little athlete and as a result has adopted the following Policies: 
Healthy Food Choice Policy 
The Association/Regions/Centres will ensure that a variety of healthy food choices are available at competition and various activities. 
Heat Hydration Guidelines
The Association/Regions/Centres will ensure that we follow the Heat Hydration Guidelines provided by LAVic. Please refer to these guidelines on the LAVic web site  
Smoke Free Policy 
All areas under the Association/Region/Centre venues are to be Smoke free – including clubrooms, change rooms, toilet blocks, spectator and competition areas. Centres will place No Smoking signs in prominent positions around the venues. 
Sun Protection Policy 
Association/Region/Centres are encouraged to provide shade structures at venues and make available SPF15+ or higher sunscreen. Athletes and Officials are advised to wear hats and carry drink bottles to events. 
Responsible Alcohol Management Policy 
There is to be no sale or consumption of alcohol during the conduct of any Little Athletics events. Where alcohol is consumed at functions the Association/Region/Centre will comply with Liquor Licensing Victoria regulations.
For more detailed information on these policies, please refer to your Centre Policy Forms that must be signed off as part of a Centre’s affiliation with the Association.
Working With Children (WWC) Policy 
RLAC complies with the Working with Children Act 2005, which has distinct implications on the conduct of Little Athletics.
Parents who have a child registered at the Centre where they work or volunteer, are exempt from the WWC Check, unless they fall under one of the categories listed above and/or are a Centre Committee member.
Ringwood Little Athletics Centre encourages all volunteers and parents to undertake a Working with Children check.  Once you have applied you must bring the receipt to the Centre to be recorded.  Likewise when your card arrives this is also required to be sighted and entered in the RLAC register.
The WWC Check creates a mandatory minimum checking standard across Victoria. The WWC Check helps to keep children safe by preventing those who pose a risk to the safety of children from working with them, in either paid or volunteer work
If you work or volunteer with children you may need to apply for a WWC Check. Employers, volunteer organizations and agencies must ensure that any of their staff or volunteers who need a WWC Check have applied and received their WWC Cards.
A person cannot be assigned to the following roles at Ringwood Little Athletics Centre (RLAC) unless they have a Working with Children Check (WWC):
  • Centre Executive Committee members 
  • Club Executive Committee members 
  • Coaches 
  • Team Managers & Age Group Managers
  • Volunteers without children registered at the Centre 
  • First Aid Personnel
If you are unsure whether you require a Working With Children Card, please see the President for more information.  There are substantial fines in place if you are caught without a WWC card when you are required to have one.