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     Club Contact Form PDF | DOC - This form needs to be filled in by the club as soon as possible. 
        This form is required so Access can be given to Database/Websites to Registrars and Webmasters.
      Club Database Forms:   - Required to be sign by all Registrars each year (Person who enters information on the Club Database and / or Website.)  
      a)  Database - Form for Access to Database
      b)  Website only - Form for Access to Website
  Club Registrars Information    
  1.   Player Clearance and other            Procedures Information

Instructions for ON-LINE SYSTEM for Club-Club Clearances and information for Club Registrars

  2.   Registration & Clearance Form   This form is for all Junior Grades in the LLWA Division.
  3.    a) Charter Transfer Procedure -  How to proceed with charter transfers - To use in conjuntion to the Charter Transfer Form below.
       b) Charter Transfer Form - Form to use when requesting a Charter Transfer
  4.   Dual Registration Form - Request for Dual Registration to play in two clubs. Metropolitan clubs to contact the LLOSM before applying.
  5.   Challenger Division Form  - This form is to be used by Challenger Divsion players only.
  6.   Team Nomination Forms - Forms for Team Nominations and Fees
      a) Metropolitan   - Please request this form by emailing llwareg@gmail.com
      b)  Regional       - Please request this form by emailing llwareg@gmail.com
      c) State Championships - Machine Pitch State Championship Team Form
  7.   Dispensations     
      a) League Age 12 year olds -

This form is used for a League Age 12 year old participation in a Little League Minor Division. All players who are League Age 12 playing in a LL Minor Division must fill out this form and return to the Little League Registrar.

It is recommended that League Age 12 players do not pitch in the Minor Division. However Local Leagues and Districts are advised to use their skill assessment of League Age 12 players to determine if the candidate would be permitted to play the position of pitcher in the Minor Division.
It is recommended that the following forms part of that assessment. 
  • Skill Level of the player
  • The age of players within the Minor Division 
      b)  To play out of age group -

Procedure and Form used to request dispensation for a player to play in a lower grade he/she is not qualified to play in. Do Not use this form for a player who is League Age 12.  To be approved by the Charter and sent in to the LLWA Registrar when approval is granted.

There is no dispensation to play up a grade. 

Playing down in Big League – Dispensation forms to be sent to the LLWA Registrar and to be approved by LLWA.

      c)  To Play more than 2 games - Procedure and Form used to request dispensation for a player to play in more than 2 games in one day.

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