Charter Forms and Information

Template for Fixtures - EXCEL - ALL JL, LL Majors, Minors PP and Machine Pitch fixtures must be done on this template. It must be done in the format that is shown on the "4 Team" tab and sent to the LLOSM 

ALL Exhibition games, included in regular season, must be done on separate fixtures from the regular season.

Junior League Finals fixtures are done by the LL Competitions Manager, Lance MacKichan. 


  • Charter Transfer  - CLUBS to request for a transfer to move Charters for players and the LLOSM will notify the charter clearances to the Charter secretary.
  • Charter Committee Contact Form - PDF | EXCEL - All Charters must fill in this form and return to the Little league WA Operations Support Manager ASAP so information can be updated and sent to the correct contacts.
  • State Championships Team List Forms - For SL, JL & LL State Championship Teams -  For Development_Machine Pitch_Intermediate League teams Required to be filled in for all teams entering into the LLWA State Championships. This includes all Development and Minor League (Machine Pitch) Teams. Deadline - 1 Month prior to State Championships taking place. Coaches section can be cut and paste to send for approval.

 LL INTERNATIONAL ELIGIBLITY AFFIDAVIT FORM  -  Required to be filled in by Those who qualify to go to the National Championships. This form will be sent to the Charter Presidents's and Team EO's by the LLOSM.


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Guide For Championship Teams

To help you along in what is needed to be sent in to the LL Operations Support Manager (LLOSM) for your State Championship Teams: 
  1. ASAP Team Executive Officers name and email address and Mobile number
  2. Team list Form. For all grades including ILSC and LL Combined teams. ASAP. Please use attachment above.
  3. Copy of Working With Children Card for any team staff who do not have a Child U18 playing in the Charter team.
  4. WWCC's are required for all Staff if team travels to the Nationals. This includes all Scorers / GC scorers for the team.
  5. Charter Representative Team Manager must apply for High Performance approval for all of the Coaching Staff. You need to get this from Lachy Dale, BWA CEO and CC Caroline Adamson ( Approval will be pending receiving the WWC Card and Coach Accreditation. 
  6. Coaches that require a WWC Card cannot commence any training or tryouts until Card or Post Office Receipt is received by the Charter and send to the LLOSM. (Caroline)
  7. Scorers to be listed with contact details. One Book Scorer per Team. Scorers to have scoring experience. Do not send beginners that will not cope. 
  8. For the Charter Teams, Teams are required to supply  an extra person to score on the "Game Changer" scoring App for their home games.  Charters are to supply an Ipad and down load the program from It is free. Once you know who the "Game Changer Scorer is, send the Name and email details to the LLOSM. LLWA will create all teams on the GC, so We will need to know who's Ipad your using and what it's email address is.
  9. We will supply the wifi available for the games to go live.  If you have an issue with obtaining an Ipad to use at the state Champs, please let the LLOSM know.
  10. For your Team Executive Officer to fill out - For State Championship Teams only - Affidavit completed - DUE IN: 2 weeks prior to the tournament. Teams to leave the "Games Played" for players blank, We will fill this in.
VERY IMPORTANT:  For LL & IL teams - List must be handed in at least 2 weeks prior to the tournament.  This is for the printing of Certificates for every player.  If you miss this deadline, your Team Certificates will have to be hand written by your EO.