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Moorabbin Little Athletics is now signed up to Sportsmart's Team Smart program, which offers great benefits to us and our club members.

Our Team Smart number is 800673.

Quote this number every time you make a purchase from Sportsmart to get two benefits:

1. For you - an instant discount off the normal selling price

2. For our club - your purchase will boost our club rebate (Moorabbin Little Athletics gets 6% back in rebates so we can put this into the purchase of equipment and can reduce our running costs!)

In addition to your discount and our club rebate, Team Smart also gives Moorabbin Little Athletics access to exclusive promotions, VIP nights and special offers.

We thank Sportsmart for supporting Moorabbin Little Athletics.

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ITLAS logo

If you want to learn more about athletics for kids, ITLAS is for you!

The ITLAS course is designed to help participants become better placed to assist children to perform basic athletic skills. The course is great for parents, volunteers, previous Little Athletes and school teachers, who want to know a little more about the skills of the sport in order to help at Little Athletics Centres or prepare students for a school athletics carnival.

Participants will be shown the skills, drills, and activities relevant to the target age group of primary school age athletes.

The ITLAS is a non accredited practical course designed for Little Athletics and conducted on behalf of Little Athletics Australia- LAA.

Registrations are now open.

Event date: Sunday 6 November 2022

Parents Duty Bond

IMPORTANT - To qualify for a refund of your Parent Duty Bond, please ensure you have your name recorded when you perform your duties

Parents are required to perform duties to assist with the running of our sessions – we can’t hold them without you!

Parents sign-up duty roster

The Centre levies a fully-refundable parent duty bond of $60 per family in order to encourage parents to fulfil their parent duties. This bond is part of the registration fee and families are eligible for a duty bond refund after completing all duties for the season.

There are two categories of Duties that contribute toward your duty bond refund:

1. Equipment Set Up/Pack Up Duty and In-Session Parent Duties at Moorabbin Regular Competition Nights (our standard sessions)

Performance of either a duty during the session or helping with set up/pack up counts toward the duty bond refund tally. You must have your name recorded at the start of your duty session (or at the end of pack up) to ensure your contribution is recognised. For a normal season of 18 Rounds, the following number of duties are required per family:

Age Group Number of duties required per family
Under 6 - Under 8 4
Under 9 - Under 17 3



  • If you have children in both sessions, your family's requirement is the higher number of duties. For example, if you have 2 children, one in U7 and one in U12, you are required to perform 4 duties in total. Don't add the duties together.
  • These requirements will be reduced if a season is shortened significantly at a ratio of approximately ¼ of available duty sessions for families with 1-2 members or 1/3 of available duty sessions for families of 3 or more.

2. Special Event Duties

Should your child participate in Regional/State events, you must also perform rostered duties for our Centre at those events. These duties are not counted directly toward the tally of duties for normal sessions, but they do need to be performed to qualify for the duty bond refund. The failure to nominate or complete duties at Regional or State events may result in the forfeit of your duty bond refund, or in extreme cases your child being excluded from competing.

LAVic Memeber Registration 23/24 Season

Membership & Trial Athlete portals closed for 22/23 season

This is to advise that the online (GAMEDAY/SportsTG) 22/23 membership & XC Trial Athlete portals have now closed. Families wishing to register athletes in the remaining weeks of the winter Cross-Country season, should contact the LAVic office (phone (03) 9960 8600, or email to arrange registration.

Registration for season 22/23 expires on the 31st August

Membership & Trial Athlete portal 23/24 season

The ‘New and Potential Members Portal’ is live on the LAVic homepage and collecting potential member details for the 23/24 Season. 

Moorabbin Little Athletics Centre

Welcome to Moorabbin Little Athletics Centre.

Competition starts Friday October 6

New and returning members registration


We welcome new and existing members. We are a non-for-profit club operating for the benefit of local families, providing a high quality athletics program.

The program starts at under 6 (On Track program) and caters for children up to under 16's. Some of our older athletes go on to assist with coaching and starter duties once they have completed the program.

The athletics season runs from October until March, coinciding with the Victorian Little Athletics regional and state athletics activities. MLAC has many athletes who go onto to represent the club at regional, state and national levels.

We encourage parents to bring their kids along and have a try.  Our experienced coaches will spend time with families explaining the various activities and providing quality coaching to participants.

MLAC season 2023 - 2024 flyer


Age groups for the 2023/24 Season are based on how old the athlete is as of the 31st of December 2022.

Athletes turning 5 after Jan 1 (2019) must wait until they have had their birthday before registering (these new Under 6 athletes will repeat U6 in the next calendar season – 24/25).

Refer to the Age Group Calculator here to determine which age group your child will participate in for season 2023/2024.



Wednesdays 5:00pm - 6:00pm


Friday Competition

Arrival time: 5:15pm

Warm up time: 5:30pm

Starting time: 5:45pm


Registration - Season 2023 - 2024

Register online via the LAVic website or click on the image below to join the Moorabbin fun!



Covid 19 Information

Hello to all of our new and returning Moorabbin Athletes and Parents, we are so glad to welcome you to the 2021/22 season.

Friday the 8th of October is our first competiton of the season and things will be looking slighty different than normal.

Please take the time to read our current Covid protocols so we are ahearing to all advice from the state government and ensure we can continue to operate.


  • Entry/exit will be via main driveway gates only.  Please do not attempt to access the track from any other point.
  • You will be required to scan our QR code before entering the track


  • Face masks must be worn in adherance to the current government protocols at all times.
  • The maximum number of patrons attending any given Competition night will be limited to 500.
  • A maximum density quotient of 1 patron per 4 square metres applies to all areas. 
  • Physical distancing (>1.5 metres) must be observed by all patrons at all times.  Physical distancing requirements for athletes are spelled out in detail in the ‘Competition’ section. 
  • The maintenance of high standards of personal hygiene – such as regular hand sanitisation – is critical. 
  • Equipment must be disinfected before and after use. 
  • We will be aiming to “Get in, Compete, Get Out”, although for this week only, any athlete who competed last season is encouraged to hang around until the end of the competition, to collect awards from last season.
  • Competition (track and field events) group sizes cannot exceed 50 athletes at a time.  Officials & volunteers conducting the event are in addition to the athletes.  
  • Patrons should avoid all contact with others, such as handshaking and giving high fives. 
  • Access to change rooms and toilets is permitted, however, please do not linger inside.  
  • Carpooling is to be avoided, for compliance with child safety standards and COVID-19 safety.  


  • Athletes are encouraged to bring their own water bottles, towels and other personal items to avoid sharing where possible. 
  • Athletes clothing items, such as tops, hoodies, etc, are to be separated when not worn to avoid contact with other athletes’ items.   
  • Uniform items are not to be shared. 
  • Discus/Shot Put: Throwing implements are to be cleaned with disinfectant wipes after every attempt.  Athletes will be required to sanitise their hands after using shared equipment. 
  • Long/Triple jump: When athletes are leaving the pit, athletes must clean their hands of sand and sanitise.


  • Competition events must not exceed 50 athletes at a time.  This applies to both track and field events.  
  • If there is more than one group of 50 people then groups must be spaced apart by 5m or more. 
  • Field events: athletes must maintain 1.5m physical distancing while waiting for their attempts. 
  • Track events: physical distancing of 1.5m between athletes is not required while competing (i.e. standing at start line and during the race).   
  • Multiple heats may be lined up at the start line with 1.5 metres of spacing between each line of athletes.  
  • Once a field event, with a maximum of 50 athletes, has concluded, the next group of 50 athletes can commence. 
  • Upon completion of track event, athletes are to maintain physical distancing of 1.5 metres.

Duty Roster

*Attention all athletes


Season 2023 - 2024 Duty Roster coming soon

Online Registration

Register online via the LAVic website or click on the image below.

Trial Athletes may also use the link to register for 2 weeks free trial. 


MLAC Official Sponsors




To view our current sponsorship packages or find out more about the benefits of sponsoring MLAC click here