Speed, Acceleration and Agility



Ladder and Hurdles

Ladder Feet in each Lateral Sewing Machine Icky Shuffle
2 in, 2 out 3's    


Speed and Acceleration

Walking to Knee to Chest Sprinter's March Up and Down Alternating 3 point starts
SL Explosive- Forwards Reverse A Skip- Regular & Straight Leg A Skip- Alternating 3's 3's
Lunge Walk Lunge Walk- tip toe Lunge Walk w/ Twist  



Sprint with Lateral 5m Pro Agility Shuttle    




Pre Hab Routine

Leg Circuit (strength)

Entry Level Strength Program (whole body)

On Field S&C Program


Double Leg

Squat Holds Squats Arms above head
Sumo Squat Sumo Squat Jump  
Single Leg Split Squat Hold Side Lunge Squat and Reach (toe)
Squat and Reach (hand) Lunge Matrix Split Squat Jumps
Split Squat Jump w/ Twist Skater Jumps  
Shoulder Function Internal Rotation @ 90 (band) External Rotation @ 90 (band) Internal Rotation (band)
External Rotation (band) Internal rotation (own resistance) External Rotation (own resistance)
Full Cans (DB) Crush Cans (DB) Empty Cans (DB)
Lat Raises (DB) Butterflies (band) Y's and T's (band)
Straigth Arm Push Ups Scapula Supermans  
Core/ Trunk Bridge- Front, Side, Back    
Pre Hab Bow and Arrow Lawn Mowers Robbery
Low Rows Drinking Bird Crab Walks