New Athlete Registration

Little athletics is offered at WCLAC for boys and girls from Under 6 to Under 16.

The Age Group Ready Reckoner will show what age group you will be in based on you birthday.  Information is available at this site regarding turning 5 during season and you want to register and compete.

Only NEW ATHLETES receive ONE FREE TRIAL DAY but must be registered online BEFORE THEY COMPETE.  They can choose the pay later option.   A Trial Day is where,  before paying, an athlete can compete to see if they wish to continue.

Consistent with all insurance procedures, NEW ATHLETES have ten days to decide to complete their payment if they wish to continue.

After ten days, NEW ATHLETES, if they wish to continue, cannot compete or train with their club  unless they have paid their fees.

After a trial day, the registration fee MUST be paid and proof of age sighted by 7.59pm on the Thursday before their next competition.  

The payment has to processed and athlete information transferred across to the online competition system (Known as ResultsHQ) before the competition day.  

The Centre Registrar, Club Registrars and the competition team need time to complete this process.  This is why it is necessary to have registrations payment completed by the Thursday before competition.

New athletes are only entitled to ONE FREE TRIAL DAY regardless of whether two competition days fall within their 10 day cover note period.

No competition points will be awarded for the Trial Day.

Click here to register for the 2017 - 2018 Little Ahtletics Season!


Athlete Registration Information

The insurance cover for athletes that is a core component of the Little Athletics Victoria portion of the registration fee has been investigated in depth. 

It has been found, consistent with all insurance procedures, that an athlete only has the 10 day insurance cover note for NEW REGISTRATIONS ONLY.  An insurance 10 day Cover Note does NOT APPLY to returning athletes.

Little athletic registration covers athletes from the 1st September to the 31 August the following year.

After the 31st August, returning athletes  have no insurance cover until their registration is completed online and FULLY PAID.

ALL CLUBS and CLUB REGISTRARS  have modified their policies and practices to reflect this.


Returning Athlete Registration

The Registration Portal for the 2017 - 2018 Season is now open - click here.

Families will receive an email with their username (your email address) and password.
Log into the Registration Portal and update your details.  Choose a payment option.
Please ensure you register all family members together to ensure you don't incur additional administration payment costs.

NOTE: Only new  athlete registrations are entitled to a Trial Day.

Returning Athletes must complete their online registrations and be fully paid by 7.59pm on the Thursday BEFORE THEY COMPETE and preferable before they commence club training.

RETURNING ATHLETES DO NOT receive a TRIAL DAY like new athletes.



Click here for the Centre Registrar contact details


Regardless of what was done in the past, the registration information outlined is the correct procedure. 

The trials days in the past for returning athletes was always incorrect and we are now responsible to amend and correct this process.

Looking forward to a fantastic year.  Good luck to everyone in getting set for the upcoming season