Club Uniforms

The uniform for our club consists of black shorts or bike pants and a Karori club singlet or crop-top.The club uniform does not need to be worn on Club Nights but must be worn at Inter-Club meets, Wellington Champs and Colgate Games along with your Colgate Age Grade Patch.

Singlets $35.00
Hoodies $65.00

Please complete the order form and make payment online:  Uniform order form

Please see a committee member if you would like to view the uniforms beforehand and try any on for size.

Footwear is usually bare feet or trainers. Spike shoes are optional from age grade 10 upwards. Please note that the wearing of spike shoes is compulsory for all age grade 12+ athletes intending to compete over 100m-400m at Inter-Clubs, Wellington Champs or Colgate Games.

The club has a small supply of 6mm Christmas-Tree style spikes which is the type of spike allowed on most all-weather tracks. 

Second-hand Gear
If you have club uniforms or spike shoes which you would like to sell (or donate), please contact a club committee member. From time to time, we will distribute a list of goods available for purchase.