Masters baseball - for players aged 38 years old and over

Our Master season begins in early December 2020. We break and then come back towards the end of January to end of February.

Details of the program include

  • You must be older than 38 years old as of 1 September 2020
  • We play Monday nights, home and away season. Games start at 6 or 630pm. 
  • Home games are played at Glenauburn Park in Lower Plenty, away games are played in Doncaster, Surrey Hills, Frentree Gully, Waverley...and I am sure there is one other place that I can't remember right now!
  • We have all levels of players on our team - the focus is to go out and have a hit, laugh and a cool drink aftewards.


Fees include:

$150 club fees (covers the cost of league fees, umpires, club costs)

$47 Baseball Australia and $79 Baseball Victoria. These include insurance costs. 

To register - click on this link. 

To train at the club prior to December 4th, it is MANDATORY for players to register to train - here is the link to do so. 

To pay all three fees, we will receive a new link where you can register and pay online. 


For more information, you can contact us on: or 0423 782 970.