Relaython is a fund-raising event promoted by LAVic.  We divide our donations between the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal and the Monash Children's Hospital.

It is a continuous relay, where the overall aim is to work together to run as many laps as possible within a three hour period.  At Mentone we add an additional element where age-group teams compete to see who can run the most laps in a set period of time.

Mentone LAC will run Relaython in conjunction with the normal program of events on Saturday 4th February 2017.

The basic rules are as follows:

  • Relaython will start at 9am and finish at 12 noon
  • Girls and boys from the same age group will run as an age-group team
  • Age-group teams will have the following time periods to run as many laps as possible:

U6 - 20 minutes

U7 - 19 minutes

U8 - 18 minutes

U9 - 17 minutes

U10 - 16 minutes

U11 to U15/16 - 15 minutes

Click here for the Relaython Schedule

  • U6-U12 Athletes must run relay legs of at least 100m
  • U13-U16 Athletes must run relay legs of at least 200m
  • Only completed laps are counted toward the age-group team tally
  • Family and Friends may also run in the gaps between age-group teams or help if their child's age-group team gets tired, although at least one Athlete from the age-group team must run a leg of each lap during their timeslot.

Additional Parent Helpers are needed to oversee the change-over stations.

Cash donations can be made on the day, or online donations via our Mentone page at everydayhero which will put the athlete in the running for various prizes.  Cash and online donations will go to the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

Athletes are also encouraged to generate sponsorship money - for example they could ask for sponsors for their age-group team on a per lap basis (click here for last years lap count).

Mentone LAC will also donate a base amount of $250 to the Monash Children's Hospital, AND an additional $3 per lap to Monash.

More general Relaython information can be found on the LAVIC Relaython Page