We offer the following Membership options for the 2019/20 Season:

Social Membership - all ages

  • Participation in Cub Nights and Club Champs
  • Coaching and Support at Club Nights
  • Priority Access to School holiday programmes (fees may apply)


  • Social - 6 years and under:     $40 (Nippers)
  • Social - 7 years - 14 years       $70 (Junior)   
  • Social  - 15 years and over      $60 (Youth, Jnr Adult, Senior, Masters)   

Competitive Membership - 7 years and over (Junior, Youth, Jnr Adult, Senior, Masters)

All the benefits of Social Membership PLUS:

  • Entry to Interclub events (7-15 years)
  • Entry to Athletics Wellington Junior and Senior Championships
  • Eligibility to compete in Athletics New Zealand Championships
  • Eligibility to compete in Colgate Games (7-14 years)
  • Membership of Athletics New Zealand


  • Competitive - 7-14 years:       $85 (Junior)
  • Competitive - 15-19 years:     $95 (Youth, Jnr Adult)
  • Competitive - 20 years +:       $125  (Seniors, Masters)

Competitve Members will also need to purchase a club singlet to compete in regional events.
Age categories for membership are determined by the age you will be on the 31st December 2019.

  • Volunteer / Supporter Memberships - Free

  • For non participating members
  • Access to Athletics NZ discounts
  • Access to officiating help and support at club event

New Members

New members will need to sign up here and purchase a new membership

Current and Past Members

Current and Past members please click here to renew your membership or update your details

Interclub Event Registration

This season competitive members aged 7 - 15 that want to attend any of the 6 Junior Interclub events MUST ALSO complete a simple “one-time-only” season registration. There is no extra cost. Here is the link to do this:
Please login at this site and follow the simple instructions. There is a password reset function if you
have forgotten your password.
During the entry process you will be asked to select an event. Only the 100m is shown. This is just a
“dummy” event to get your registration processed. Please select the 100m option and proceed. Your
athlete will still have access to all the normal interclub event options.
Interclub registrations must be completed by 11:59pm on the Wednesday prior to the Interclub meet.
Note 1: You will only need to register once for the entire season of six interclub meets.
Note 2: There will also be a separate registration process later in the season for the Junior Championships.