Who We Are....

The association is supported by a management committee who meet on a monthly basis.  Club delegates and members are welcomed to monthly meetings.  NBTA employs an Adminstrator, a Coordinating Officer and a Junior Convenor for mangement of events and programmes througout the year.


Contact details


Ali Telford, Regional Tennis Coordinator, 0273891102, alison@tennisnelson.co.nz

Kate Kroos, Administrator, 0276133277, kate@tennisnelson.co.nz 

Diana Osborn, Junior Convenor, 0210699139, diana@tennisnelson.co.nz

Management Committee

President – Glen Johnson, 0274322550, johnson@clear.net.nz

Financial convenor – Kelvin Williams, 0273374962, kwillia70@hotmail.com

Senior Convenor – Trish Wehner, 0274872480, grahamtrishw@xtra.co.nz