The 2015 Unmarked@Sherbrooke

What a spectacular day for the 2015 Unmarked@Sherbrooke! With archers from as far afield as Queensland (good grief!) mother nature really put on a brilliant day for us. Thanks everyone for supporting Sherbrooke Archers today - we're looking forward to rejuvenating the course asap with abundant native plants and making it more beautiful than ever! Thanks also to our gallant and very wonderful corps of volunteers - from cheffing to registration(ing), course-setting-out, water-boy-ing, face-put-er-out-er-ers, face-bring-er-in-er-ers, lane markers, safety wall shifters, tireless working bee-ers, afternoon-tea-contributors, salad spinners and everyone else who kept everything else going on while the tournament was happening, you made the day great - awesome job!!!