Personal Best Day this Saturday 25th March

Saturday 25th March is our centre Personal Best (PB) Day and the last day of participation for Athletes this season.

All Girls are on Set Up - please arrive at 8:15am to get us started by 9am

All Boys are on Pack Up

PB day format will be as follows:

  • There will be 1 session for all age groups, from 9am to 12pm
  • Events can be mixed-age and mixed-gender
  • All athletes choose a maximum of three events - 2 x field and 1 track OR 2 x track and 1 field
  • Athletes will receive a ribbon at each event as they achieve a PB
  • Bring your ribbons to the Presentation tent and you will be award with a Gold (3 PBs), Silver (2 PBs) or Bronze Medal (1 PB)
  • Records achieved on the day will be recognised, however results will not count towards end of season club awards
  • Team managers will not be on duty on the day. It is the responsibility of the athletes (& parents) to present at the event at the scheduled time
  • To achieve a PB you must have participated in the event already this season and it must be an event in which your age group normally participates
  • Please bring chest patches, otherwise you will end up with permanent marker (texta) lines on your arm as we need a way to track how many events you have participated in.

Click here for the Program