State Track and Field Wrap-Up

Congratulations to all of our Athletes who competed at the State Track and Field Championships on the 11th/12th March.  We came in a strong 2nd on the medal tally.

Thanks to our Team Managers and all the parents who performed duties to keep the event running.

Full results are here:

Photos are on our Facebook page -

The following Any Venue Records were broken:

Event Performance Athlete Age Group
Long Jump 6.56m Nicholas Grech U15M
400m 1.13.06 Jazmin Firth U9F
Discus 25.03 Jazmin Firth U9F
400m 59.86 Thomas Byrne U12M
Long Jump 5.75 Zoe Cunningham U15F
Shot Put 11.63 Zoe Cunningham U15F
400m 1.04.45 Hannah Wilcock U11F
60m Hurdles 9.85 Sophie Wilcock U11F
Shot Put 11.87 Emily Ryan U13F
800m 2.14.25 Tom Wilcock U13M
1500m 4.17.44 Nikolaj Djordjevic U14M


The following Athletes achieved Top 8 results:

Abbey Francis U12G – 6th Long Jump, 5th Triple Jump
Alicia Ockerby U12G – 8th 100m
Amy Bunnage U12G – 2nd 800m, 1st 1500m
Ashely van Rooyen U12G – 7th Long Jump, 7th 60m Hurdles
Camdyn Hutchinson U12B – 8th Javelin
Ebony McCarthy U14G – 1st Long Jump
Emily Ryan U13G – 3rd Javelin, 1st Discus, 1st Shot Put
Erika Seddon U15G – 8th Triple Jump
Ethan Martin U14B – 5th 90m Hurdles, 3rd High Jump
Hannah Wilcock U11G – 3rd 60m Hurdles, 2nd 400m, 3rd Long Jump, 8th High Jump
Heidi Garac U12G – 5th Long Jump, 6th Triple Jump
Holly Garac U14G – 2nd Long Jump, 3rd 100m
Isabella Dingli U15G – 7th Discus, 4th Shot Put
Jack Mogensen U13B – 2nd Javelin
Jazmine Firth U9G – 4th 200m, 3rd 400m, 1st Discus
Jeremy Campbell U15B – 6th Discus
Jeremy Ockbery 13B - 5th 200m Hurdles
Katherine Noutso U11G – 7th 200m, 5th High Jump
Kisarna Bernsten U15G – 7th 800m, 7th 400m, 1st Javelin
Mia Gray U14G – 5th Long Jump
Milly Webster U14G – 5th 200m, 7th 100m
Nicholas Grech U15B – 2nd 200m, 1st Long Jump
Nikita Djordjevic U12B - 5th 1500m Race Walk
Nikolaj Djordjevic U14B - 3rd 1500m Race Walk, 1st 800m, 2nd 1500m
Rose Kamberova U13G – 8th Long Jump
Sophie Wilcock U11G – 1st 60m Hurdles, 2nd 200m, 2nd 100m, 1st Long Jump
Summer Leonard U12G – 6th High Jump, 1st Shot Put
Taylor Alexander U14G – 7th 200m
Thomas Byrne U12B – 3rd 400m
Thomas Murphy U14B – 3rd Triple Jump
Tom Wilcock U13B – 4th 800m, 6th 1500m
Zoe Cunningham U15G – 3rd 90m Hurdles, 1st Long Jump, 1st Shot Put

Well done to everyone who competed.

Go Mentone!