State Track and Field Championships - No Round at Mentone this Weekend

LAVic information for the 2016/17 State Track and Field Championships can be found at the link below - please have a close look at the Athlete Information document linked at the bottom of their page:

Click here for the timetable.

Location of Mentone Athletes

Look for the Mentone banners in the main grandstand (front straight).

Parent Duties

It is essential that all parents complete allocated duties - choosing to not perform your duties is unfair to other parents and will result in the forfeiture of your Duty Bond.  In extreme/recurring cases it will result in your child being unable to compete.

If you haven't already confirmed your duty, please email as soon as possible.

The rosters are here:

2016/17 State Track and Field Parent Duties - Saturday

2016/17 State Track and Field Parent Duties - Sunday

Parents, please sign in with our Roster Coordinators 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your duty.  Do not go straight to your duty.

Please remember to wear closed-toe shoes when on duty.

Please only relieve or hand-over to a Mentone parent.

Team Managers

Alex Woods - 0411 956 413 and Maddy Woods 0423 425 899.

Our Team Managers are your first point of contact for any issues arising over the weekend.

Athlete Check-In

Athletes please check-in with our Team Manager with plenty of time to spare before your first event each day.

Call Room

It is the Athlete's responsibility to arrive at the call room on time.  The call room closes 20 mins before track events, 30 mins before field.

Please contact our Team Manager if there are problems getting to the call room on time.


If you need to scratch from an event please let our Team Managers know.


The LAVic Uniform rules are very strict, please check our Uniform page for details.  Subway chest-patches are required.  If you are not sure please ask our Team Manager to check the uniform.

Good luck to all athletes competing, Go Mentone!