Round 16 - Personal Best Day - Saturday 12th March

This Saturday is PB Day and is also our final round of the season.

The special PB Day program is here.

All U6-U8 Families are on set-up, please arrive at 7:30am.  There is extra work to do and we need all the help we can get.

All U9-U16 Families are on pack-up.

We need our normal set of Parent Helpers, plus we still need to find volunteers to run a couple of events in the early session.  Duties performed will count toward Duty Bond Refunds.  Please contact if you can help.

Parent Duty Bond Refunds will continue in the clubrooms.  If you think you have qualified, please go and see our Registrar Cameron in the clubrooms.

PB Day is run in the following manner:

  • U6-U8 Session from 8:30am 'till 10am (8:15am Warm Up).  U9-U16 Session from 10am 'till 12:30pm.
  • Athletes choose a maximum of 3 events* (2 track / 1 field or 1 track / 2 field) in which to attempt to achieve PBs.
  • Athletes make their own way to the events of their choice at their age-group's timeslot - please keep a close eye on the program, we will make every attempt to run on time.
  • All participating Athletes will receive a medal on Presentation Day in April. 3 PBs = Gold, 2 PBs = Silver, 1 PB = Bronze, 0 PBs = Participation Medal.

* In order to keep the day running on schedule it is very important that Athletes do not compete in more than 3 events.  To enforce this rule, if an Athelete performs more than 3 events (or more than 2 track, or 2 field events) their best performance from any event on the day will not be counted, even if it is a record.  If they perform 2 extra events, their best 2 performances will not be counted.  We understand this seems overly strict, unfortunately it is necessary to keep the day running on schedule. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Good luck to all Athletes!