SMR Track and Field Parent Duty Rosters are here


2015/16 SMR Track and Field Parent Duty Roster - SATURDAY UPDATED

2015/16 SMR Track and Field Parent Duty Roster - SUNDAY UPDATED



We have 99 athletes competing over the 2 days of the Southern Metropolitan Region Track and Field Championships.  Mentone has been allocated 95 parent duties.

In addition we have set-up / pack-up and Key Official duties performed by committee and other parents.
Unfortunately some families will have multiple parent duties, so please check the roster thoroughly for your duties.

We have tried to schedule the duties so that your duty is around the time of your child's event, without overlapping.  Of course this is not always possible.

If you really need to change your duty time please email and let us know when you will be available to complete a duty.  We will keep track of your request and hopefully will have someone else looking to swap in to your time slot, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Please remember these events cannot proceed without the help of our parents.
Parent duty rosters are a difficult task and we appreciate your understanding.