Bendigo Bank Parkdale $50 Athlete Sponsorship - a late Christmas present!

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Bendigo Bank Parkdale, who are offering an amazing $6000 in sponsorship to be distributed to our members who have bank accounts at the Parkdale branch. The intent of this sponsorship is to offset the cost of Athletics in these crazy times.

More details coming soon, but an overview of the partnership is as follows:

  • From Round 7 (16th Jan), we will be distributing certificates for you to take to Bendigo Bank Parkdale. One certificate per registered Athlete.
  • Once you have your certificate, call 03 9587 6500 to arrange an appointment with Joanne Batchelor if you need to open a new account. Otherwise you should be OK to go straight in to the branch.
  • If you are opening an account for a child 12 years old or over, they will need to go to the appointment with you.
  • The bank will then deposit $50 per member into our accounts, capped at 100 accounts. The deposit will happen within a few weeks of you presenting the certificate.
  • Bendigo Bank offers PiggySaver and Student accounts for kids, as well as standard accounts.

By capping the standard $50 sponsorship to the first 100 members who present at Parkdale branch, we are keeping some money in reserve to provide additional assistance to families who have been deeply impacted by the COVID crisis. We really don't want any child to be missing out on Athletics due to financial difficulties, so if you or someone you know needs more help please contact

Go Mentone and Go Bendigo Bank Parkdale!