COVID-19: EDEN's position (7 July)

7 July: While restrictions are easing, there are some that still apply...

  • Archer numbers on the field course & practice area are limited by the 1.5 metre distancing requirement
  • If you are unwell or have been in contact with someone who is not well or have travelled overseas or interstate recently (within 14 days), you are requested not to attend any session at the Club
  • The Clubroom is open and available (only 2 people in the kitchen area at any one time please)
  • Limits also apply on the numbers which can occupy the Clubroom and verandah area at any one time (2 sq. m per person, having regard to the 1.5 m distancing requirement)
  • On arrival everyone is requested to use the hand sanitiser provided
  • To shoot, even just for practice, you must still register via The Archer’s Diary.

2 June: From Monday, 1 June, further restrictions were eased via the SA Government's "Roadmap to Recovery" - Step 2 (

Notably, groups of 20 are now possible (previously 10) and the Clubhouse can be opened and made generally available.... but some restrictions still apply. The Club room and verandah can accommodate a limited number of people, as the 4 sq m per person and 1.5 m physical distancing still applies.

Seating and tables will be spaced appropriately.

To maximise the usable area, archery equipment setup should be conducted at your vehicle.

Non-contact sport competition can now proceed, so long as competition is limited to groups of 20. Again, the physical distancing and density requirements still apply. Given the numbers that have been attending, we can once again welcome visitors.

If you wish to submit a score for a round, The Archer’s Diary has been “reactivated” for scoring and that aspect is “back to normal”.

To re-open the Clubhouse, the Club was required to create a COVID-Safe Plan, which is required to be made publicly available. The toilets within the Clubrooms are also available.


20 May: The Committee has met and advises that, having regard to the current easing of State restrictions, the field course will be available to (only 24) Club members, to shoot a (non-recorded) round on Saturdays at 1.30 pm. Archers will be assigned to groups of two people per target and must register to shoot via The Archer's Diary.

The Clubhouse will be open for toilet access only. Archers are expected to set up their equipment at their vehicle and not use the verandah area. Once the round has been completed, the course should be packed up and archers are required to depart - their is no socialising/mingling permitted under the current restrictions. The three practice sessions on the target area will continue (subject to the limits of two persons per target butt and booking via The Archer' Diary).

If a member turns up who hasn't booked in (for a target session or, the field round by 12 noon), they cannot shoot and should depart. "No booking = no shooting."

This situation will remain until 5 June (if the current trend continues), when a further easing of restrictions is expected, but what they will look like is yet to be announced.


7 May: The Club is available for practice to members only, subject to strict conditions, which have been circulated to all members. Members are required to book in via The Archer's Diary to the limited sessions, which are further limited by the number of registrants. (See the Member Information page for complete details.)


25 March: Following developments in recent days:

  • Effective immediately and until further notice all facilities at the Club are closed.
  • This includes the Clubhouse, the Practice Area and the Field Course.

While we recognise that this is disappointing news, it probably does not come as a complete surprise. We need to ensure that we put the health, safety and well being of our Club members and the community as our first priority. It's up to all of us to help limit the spread of the virus.


20 March: The Committee has sent the following email to all members:

No surprises, we are living in times where things are changing rapidly due to COVID-19.  Yesterday I sent a reminder regarding our planned Working Bee for tomorrow, however, after a reasonable amount of email traffic between Committee Members, it has been agreed that we....
  • Cancel this Saturday's (21 March) Working Bee and 
  • Cancel this Saturday's (21 March) afternoon Shoot.  

The Club will NOT be open.

In addition the Committee is planning to defer all scheduled Shoots and Working Bees at least until 1 May.
We will email you with more detail about how we proceed in the coming week.  
You would have received the email from ARCHERY SA advising of postponements and recommendations for Clubs due to COVID-19. Consider how the information in that email affects your plans.  
These decisions have been taken to minimise risk and exposure for ALL Club Members in light of COVID-19.
We are aware that this will cause some inconvenience and disappointment, however the health and well being of all of us is of a higher priority.  I'm sure that everyone can appreciate this point.
I will forward further information as it becomes available.
Look after yourselves and your families.