Round 14 and Relayathon Wrap-Up

Congratulations to Ashley van Rooyen for breaking the U16F Centre and Any Venue Long Jump record with a jump of 5.24m, and Jack Mogensen for again breaking the U16M Javelin record with a throw of 53.13m.  Sebastian Trouw was the only Athlete to achieve PBs in all events on Saturday.

Further congratulations to our U13's for running the most laps at Relayathon on Saturday - they managed 19 laps in their 20 minute timeslot, one more than the best performance last year. As a Centre we ran 141 laps.

We will match the $122.15 we collected for the Royal Childrens' Hospital during Relayathon on Saturday - don't forget you can also donate online here.

In addition, the Centre will donate $723 to the Monash Childrens' Hospital - head to the Relayathon page under the Event menu for the full report.

U6-8 PB Report

Firstname Surname Age Gender Pbs
William Malcomson 6 M 3
Isabella Walker 7 F 2
Odette Halcroft 7 F 2
Mackenzie Taylor 7 F 2
Jack Leslie 7 M 2
Lucas Kraskov 7 M 2
Summer Smith 8 F 2
Ash Milroy 8 M 2
Christian Bourke 8 M 2
Levi Dayaseela 8 M 2
Cohen Harris 8 M 2

U9-16 PB Report

Firstname Surname Age Gender Pbs
Sebastian Trouw Trouw 10 M 5
vasili flaskis 10 M 4
Emilia McBride 11 F 4
Summer Newton 10 F 3
Ewan Fallows 10 M 3
Vanessa Santos 11 F 3
Cash Corcoran 11 M 3
Owen Lewis 12 M 3
Brooklyn Towler 13 F 3
Chloe Winders 13 F 3
Aidan Todhunter 13 M 3
Jemmah Paton 15 F 3