Round 8 - This Saturday 30th (with Walks), Healthy Canteen and Doncaster Open Day

This Saturday is Round 8.  We are running Program 3 (click here), including Walks.

Please note the early start time for Walks - 9:40am U9-11 and 9:50am U12-16, and be reminded that you must attempt the correct walking technique to participate.

U6 Families are on Set Up - please arrive at 7:30am

U13-16 Families are on Pack Up.

Please remember hats, drink bottles, chest patches and maybe umbrellas.

A note from the Canteen Team

The Mentone Little Athletics canteen team is currently working with our local council on an initiative to promote healthy eating in sports clubs like ours. As a result you will start to see the inclusion of some more healthy canteen offerings in addition to our current options. It’s all about creating a balance and we feel small changes will make great progress. I’m sure these changes will be embraced by club members and we welcome any suggestions on how we can further improve the canteen.

Doncaster Open Day

Doncaster Open Day is on Saturday 21st December at Tom Kelly Athletics Track. The fun starts at 1pm, finishing at around 9pm with a fireworks display. Registrations close 10th December - click here for details.