State Track and Field Championship Qualifiers and Parent Duty Timeslot Nominations

Congratulations to the 55 Mentone Athletes who have made it through to the 2019 LAVic State Track and Field Championships.

Parents of participating Athletes, please check the timetable on the LAVic page and then click here to email Alex Woods ( with your preferences for duties.  Timeslots are early morning (6:15am), morning, lunchtime, afternoon on both days, and evening on Saturday.  Please expect one duty per participating Athlete per day they compete.

As always we really need your help to run these events - thanks for your cooperation!

Mentone 2018-19 State Track and Field Competitors:

Abbey Francis
Abdul Abdelrahim
Aila Burke
Alicia Ockerby
Ashley van Rooyen
Bradlee Willson
Brooklyn Towler
Catriona McMaster
Charlotte Lotspeich
Charlotte Ryan
Deng Agook
Eden Honan
Eden Pillay
Ella Bennett
Emilie Yu
Emily Ryan
Gabriel Pryor
Hannah Wilcock
Harper Towler
Hope Maillard
Hudson Bucci
Iona Rogers
Isabel Koster
Isabel Rogers
Isabella Bertucci
Jack Mogensen
Jemmah Paton
Jeremy Ockerby
Katherine Wilcock
Lily Parsons
Lucille Malcomson
Meka Barone
Mia Gray
Milly Webster
Neve Hoult
Neve Kitson
Olamide Araba
Patrick Reynolds
Phoebe Earl
Riley Spence
Rudi Coggins
Sam Stefanec
Serena Lee
Shahd Mohamed
Soha Abdelrahim
Sophie Cheep
Sophie Wilcock
Taylor Alexander
Tessa Finch
Thomas Byrne
Tom Wilcock
Tyson Beames
Valentino Bertucci
Vuna Ofahengaue
Wadah Abdelrahim