SMR Track and Field Carnival Wrap-Up - 3rd on the Medal Tally

Congratulations to our 73 Athletes who competed at the Southern Metropolitan Region Track and Field Carnival over the weekend.  We came in a very strong 3rd on the Medal Tally with 98 medals in total.

Thanks go to our Team Managers Tanya and Alex, Chief Officials Katie, Tiger and Tina, Starters Cameron, Mark and Matt and all the parents who helped out with general duties - the event couldn't have happened without you.

Check out our Facebook page for photos.

Special mention to our Gold Medalists Wadah Abedelrahim (2), Deng Agook (1), Olamide Araba (1), Tyson Beames (1), Valentino Bertucci (3), Abbey Francis (2), Mia Gray (2), Serena Lee (2), Shahd Mohamed (2), Jeremy Ockerby (3), Vuna Ofahengaue (1), Jemmay Paton (1), Eden Pillay (1), Emily Ryan (3), Ashley van Rooyen (2), Milly Webster (1), Hannah Wilcock (1), Kate Wilcock (1), Sophie Wilcock (1), Tom Wilcock (3) and Bradlee Wilson (1).

Please email to notify us of any Any-Venue records broken.

Please click here for full Mentone results.

Go Mentone!