State Relays Wrap-up - 4th on the Medal Tally

Congratulations to all of our Athletes who participated in the LAVic State Relay Championships at Lakeside last Saturday.

We came in a commendable 4th on the Medal Tally with 6 Gold, 6 Silver and 3 Bronze.

Click here for the medal tally

Click here for full results

Our medal-winning teams were:


U15G 4x100m

U16G Medley

U9B 4x100m

U10B Medley

U10 Mixed 4x200m

U16 Mixed 4x200m


U13G 4x100m

U13G 4x200m

U15G 4x200m

U15G Medley

U15B Medley

U16 Mixed 4x100m


U13G Medley

U13B Medley

U9 Mixed 4x200m

Congratulations to all who competed and a huge thanks to our committee, team managers and parent volunteers for making our participation possible.

Go Mentone!