Round 6 and The Circuit Wrap-Up

Well done to our tough U6-U8 Athletes (and parents) for braving the rain at our Twilight on Friday night.  It actually turned out to be a great night once the rain eased.

The weather then smiled on our U13-U16 Athletes for The Circuit Round 2, making for a great day at Caulfield LAC on Saturday.

Click here for a wrap-up of The Circuit.

The following Athletes achieved a signficant number of PBs over the weekend:

Name Age Group Pbs
Sienna Bertucci U9F 4
Isabel Rogers U11F 4
Owen Lewis U11M 4
Milla Nachtigal U7F 3
Harper Towler U9F 3
Ayashe Fernando U10F 3
Anesta Evans U10F 3
Tessa Finch U10F 3
Emilia McBride U10F 3
Sienna Newland U11F 3
Judah Fernandes U11M 3
William Woodford U11M 3
Max Parsons U11M 3
Cooper Lowden U12M 3
Levi Gostlow U12M 3
Aidan Todhunter U12M 3
Bevan Nelson U13M 3
Oliver Etienne U13M 3
Tommy Lomagno U14M 3
Bradlee Willson U16M 3


Go Mentone!