Supporting Sailability ACT

In February 2017, Woden Rotary presented a Hansa 303 two-person sailing boat named George to Sailability ACT. The boat was launched in the presence of the ACT Minister and Shadow Minister for Disability and local MLAs as well as Woden Rotary members.

Sailability is an international program offering a supportive environment, experienced volunteers, and equipment to assist people of all-abilities to sail and experience ‘freedom on the water’. It welcomes all people, without regard to age, ability, gender or socio-economic status, as sailors or volunteers and especially carers for people with disabilities. welcomes all people without regard to age, ability, gender or socio-economic status as sailors or volunteers. It sails Hansa 303 Wide two person boats (and smaller boats).

The donated boat was named George, after the then recently deceased father of a Club member, whose estate made a generous donation that enabled our Club to purchase the boat.

When the boat was presented, Sailability ACT was based on Lake Tuggeranong. In late 2017 the program moved to Lake Burley Griffin and amalgamated with the Canberra Yacht Club. Sailability is now a program at the Canberra Yacht Club that offers an additional level of support, a wider network of volunteers and the opportunity to join in the Sailing Club’s Sunday races and other events and activities.

In December 2018 a Sailability member skippered George in Sail Melbourne, a very competitive international regatta.

Woden Rotary continues to financially support the maintenance and upkeep of George.

You can see George sailing on Lake Burly Griffin in the Sailability program on Sunday mornings and racing with the rest of the Canberra Yacht Club fleet in the afternoon. It is also used for training at other times and it is easy to spot with its blue sail proudly displaying the Rotary wheel and our Club name.

Sail livery


The new Hansa 303 Wide sailing boat was named 'George' and handed over to Sailability on Sunday 26 February 2017 in the presence of Woden Rotary members, the ACT Minister and Shadow Minister for Disability and the local MLA

After the launch everyone present was taken for a sail.

MLAs addressing those present at the launch

The MLAs addressing those present -- Elizebeth Lee, Rachel Stephen-Smith (Minister for Disability) and Bec Cody