2017 Championship Results

2017 Programme of Championships

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Major Fours 14 Jan DRAW & RESULTS

Ron Balfour, John Spurway, Richard Cafe, Don Hazeltine

Andrew Watkins, Emmet McLeod, Trent Burnett, Braden Sole

Major Pairs 5 Mar DRAW & RESULTS Andrew Watkins, Emmet McLeod Marty Rogers, Braden Sole
Major Singles 9 April DRAW & RESULTS Ron Donaldson Brendan Conway
Major Triples 3 Jun DRAW & RESULTS Barry Caldwell, Graeme Drabsch, Harold Mills Adam Baker, Brendan Conway, Danny Phillips
Mixed Fours 25 Jun DRAW & RESULTS Sheryn Batcheldor, Bill Farrell, Peter Eagle, Lyn Skeers Margaret Scott, Margaret Wild, Bob Smart, Harold Mills
Junior Singles 29 Jun DRAW & RESULTS Josh Cotton Luke Houze
Mixed Triples 8 Jul DRAW & RESULTS Di Castles, Warren Heden, Jim Castles Margaret Scott, Lyn Skeers, Harold Mills
Rookie Singles 1 Jul DRAW & RESULTS Andrew Cover Ryan Kennedy
Mixed Pairs 29 Jul DRAW & RESULTS Danny Phillips and Shirley De La Harpe  Wendy Bell and Michael Varecka 
Jun/Sen Hcp Pairs 15 Jul RESULTS Luka Houze & Bryan Wilsdon Josh Cotton, Doug Cotton
Minor Pairs 16 Sept DRAW & RESULTS Ray Hall and Ken Carroll Max Fotheringham and Andrew Cover 
Senior Singles 16 Sept DRAW & RESULTS Terry Barnett Warren Heden
Minor Singles 26 Aug DRAW & RESULTS Barry Moore Andrew Cover 
Handicap Pairs 3 Sept DRAW & RESULTS Rod McMahon and Darren Freeman  Eddie Conway and Andrew Cover