Cycling Without Age

Our Tri-shawtrioTaxi tri-shaw

We have an electric-assist 'trioBike taxi' (it's a tri-shaw as ilustrated).

It’s located at Araluen Village for use by the residents as part of the Cycling Without Age program.

We are always looking for pilots (details below).

Ride the  ‘a couch on wheels’ taking the residents out and about as illustrated in this video: :

This is the third tri-shaw for Cycling Without Age in Canberra – the other two are at Kangara Waters residential aged care facility in Belconnen.

Becoming a pilot

Pilots ride the tri-shaw and take residents out and about, to the shops, to the lake or wherever people want to go.


If you can ride a bike and have a desire to help others, then becoming a pilot is a simple process). You won’t need much practise before you are on the road (or the bike path).

We will train you as a pilot to understand the tri-shaw operations and to allow you and residents to come together for fun rides. There are no commitments as to when you should be available – you decide when you can ride and then your services can be offered to residents. Or you can have regular times and/or passengers. It’s up to you and the residents. Download our pilot training document (PDF).

To be a pilot, we require you to register for Working With Vulnerable People (free of charge if registered as part of the Woden Rotary Club program). Register as: volunteer; general registration to work with children or adults OR conditional registration to work with adults only; and organisation/employer is the Rotary Club of Woden Inc.

We have insurance cover for the tri-shaw and your legal liability as a pilot – you are volunteering in an officially recognised Rotary activity.

If you would like to become a pilot, please contact us.