PDF - Dual Registrations

Dual Registrations


Dual Club Registration is required for any player registered with a Hockey SA Metropolitan Competition club (their Primary club) who wishes to register with a Second Hockey SA Metropolitan Competition club. E.g. playing for Adelaide in the Metro Competition and Blackwood in the Masters Competition where Adelaide does not have a team.

Dual Association Registration is required for any member to notify Hockey SA of registration with a Secondary Association. All dual registrations must comply with the rules of the relevant Associations.

All forms of dual registration are valid only for the calendar year in which the application is approved.


The player completes their information and passes the form to the primary club. The relevant sections of the form are then completed by the primary club (club where the majority of games are played), this is then sent to the secondary club and cc’d to operations@hockeysa.com.au 

The secondary club then completes the required information and returns to Hockey SA and the primary club. 

The form must be complete. Alll applicable sections must be signed by all parties before processing can begin by Hockey SA.

All pending and approved clearance and dual registration information will be uploaded to the website weekly.  Any forms with missing information will be noted as pending and all parties informed of their incomplete status