Fair Go, Sport! Round

 Hockey Victoria’s sporting calendar is Fair go, sport! round will run from Friday the 4th of August  through to Thursday the 10th of August 2017.

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It is an opportunity to show support for inclusive sport and advocate for a diverse membership. Hockey Victoria continues to work with clubs to increase sexual and gender diversity within hockey.

This one round of the year gives Clubs the opportunity to highlight and celebrate diversity and raise the importance of having inclusive, safe and welcoming environments to build sustainable clubs. Hockey Victoria invites all clubs to celebrate this important round.

Many clubs choose to celebrate in different ways. Some teams wear the rainbow socks, others promote key messages around sexual and gender diversity to their members through direct email, posters, speeches at after match afternoon teas. Some play for Fair, go Sport! cups, others invite the local MP down to toss the coin and celebrate the day, others reflect their views by making videos or changing their website to rainbow colours.


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