Mixed Bowls / Scroungers

It is always best to know something of the rules of Halls Head's version of Scroungers before you take to the green, so click on the following & have a read. There may be a few surprises.

Scroungers Rules

Scroungers is one of the events for mixed bowls at Halls Head Bowling. Other important mixed events include:

  • Club Patrons Day.
  • MDBL Patrons Mixed Fours.
  • Mixed Championship events.
  • Club Opening & Closing Days.
  • Harcourts Cup.

Scroungers is a once a week mixed event for all levels of bowling. Scroungers sometimes may change from the regular Friday afternoon time slot to meet other schedules so check the 'Calendar' for confirmed dates.

Scroungers is open competition & will welcome all visitors to a fun afternoon.

   Scroungers Roster 2019