Bowls Vic Honours

Bowls Victoria Honours

2015 State Fours Champions – David Morris, Garry Ryan, Brad Holland and David Keenan (s)

2015 State Triples Champions – David Morris, Brad Holland and D Keenan (s)

2012 State Singles Champion - B Holland

2005 State Pairs Champions – B McDermott and G Holt

1985 State Country Pairs – C Turner and W Mills (s)

1971 State Country Fours – T White, E Lanigan, L Stratton and F O’Connell (s)


State Representatives

Ms J. Stainton (Over 60)

Ms S. Whana (Over 60)

D Keenan

B Holland

B Marron (Under 18)

A Tomkins

Mrs B McDermott

P Loe

P Godkin