Trans Tasman - History


In 1997, recognising the need for an International competition for Australian Women’s Veterans teams, Jeanette Slade OAM and Caroline Wood representing the then Women’s Hockey Australia Association, were instrumental in negotiations with New Zealand in establishing an event between the 2 countries.

The Trans Tasman Masters Challenge was established as a bi-annual 3 test series and began in May 2000. The first event was held in Auckland at North Harbour with 6 teams, consisting of a Women’s team from each Nation competing in 35’s, 40’s and 45’s age groups.

In Brisbane 2002 the event expanded to 12 teams with the inclusion of 50’s Women and 45’s and 55’s Men’s age groups. In 2004 the Challenge continued with 12 teams competing in Wellington NZ. In 2006 in Hobart there was further expansion to 16 teams with the inclusion of a Men’s 40’s and 50’s division. In 2008 in Hamilton NZ the competition remained with 16 teams across the 8 age divisions and in 2010 in Newcastle a Women’s 55’s division was included with a total of 18 teams contesting the event.

 After the 2010 challenge in Newcastle the scheduling of the event was changed to the “odd year” sequence to avoid clashes with potential IMHA international tournaments.

In 2013 we returned to North Harbour, Auckland with the inclusion of a Men’s 60’s division bringing 20 teams into the challenge. The Women’s 60’s age group played an Invitational tri series that was run in conjunction with the Trans Tasman event. The same rules applied however results were not included in the overall country championship. At the conclusion of the 2013 event it was agreed by HA and NZ Masters Councils  that the 60’s women would be fully included in the 2015 challenge.

The 2015 Challenge was held in Melbourne, Australia from 5th - 9th May with a further expansion of the event to 26 teams with the inclusion of Women's 60's and Men's 35's and 65's.

Whangarei New Zealand was the venue for the 2017 Challenge and was held May 2nd - 6th with again 26 teams - Women's 35's-60's and Men's 35's-65's.