Victorian Handball School Championships


 Proudly supported by Handball Federation of Victoria  



Spencer Page

Development Officer

Handball Federation of Victoria           Fax:  9502 7862

Ph: 0400 948 862                              Email: spenit@gmail.com

PO Box 7204                                        

Bridge Rd, Richmond 3121




Dates and Venues:

Seniors (yr 11/12) – Term 2

Intermediate (yr 9/10) – Term 4

Juniors (yr 7/8) – Term 3


Date and venue are TBC, please email if you are interested.


Entry forms can be obtained by contacting Spencer Page (above).



Each competition will have round robins in pools and finals, depending on the number of participating schools.


Information and Conditions:

See General Conditions of Competition


The rules of the International Handball Federation will apply, unless otherwise stated.


Click on the links below for info on handball and the rules:

Download Rules For Beginners (2.5 mb)

Download Official IHF Rules (1.5 mb)


Each game will have two 20 minutes halves, with no time-outs permitted.


The maximum number of players per team is 12.


If a school is entering more than one team, any given student will be allowed to play for one team only.


At least ten minutes prior to the start of each match, coaches must ensure that the all players’ names are correctly recorded on the official scoresheet with numbers.


All players must have completed the official registration form prior to their first match.



Round Robin Winner:

If two or more teams are tied on points at the end of the round robin, first the goal difference, than percentage will decide the placings.


Draw procedure:

In the event of a draw being played in a final, the game will be decided by playing two five minute halves with a one-minute interval, until a winner is determined.


Teams to Provide:

Competing teams must provide:

·       first aid kit

·       one scorer/timekeeper for each game

·       umpire



All players must wear team uniform, with numbers.

Players must not wear any jewellery and fingernails should be taped or cut.



Umpires will be provided where possible but schools should be prepared to supply a competent umpire if required


Should you have any further questions or would like some advice or assistance with handball clinics, resources, rules, handball equipment or coaching teams, please call Spencer Page on 0400 948 862 or email spenit@gmail.com