13 Ways In 2018


Here’s 13 things you can do to help your club in 2018!


1. Attend weekly training sessions all year!

This gives your team the best chance to develop and become more competitive.


2. Volunteer…

There's heaps of jobs that need to be done to keep the club running. No matter how much time you have to spare, or what your skills are, there will be a job just right for you. Contact Gary Boseley for more information - president@woodvillehockeyclub.com.au   


3. Bring a friend to watch a game… or join a training session

We need more players! If everyone brought just one new person, and only a quarter of them joined, we would have enough new players to fill three teams!


4. Think about who else might support the club

Many local businesses would love the opportunity to promote what they do… and could help us out through sponsorship or donations.


5. Car pool to games or training with another player

It’s good for the environment, team bonding & you’ll help each other to arrive on time!


6. Pay your club fees on time!

It helps the club – but your wallet too! Early bird rates apply at the start of 2018 season.


7. Give credit where it’s due

If you notice that one of your team mates or coaches has done a great job– tell them! 

8. Say hello to everyone you see on ground

Regardless if they are your team mates, your team mate’s mates, another member’s mate or a member of the opposition. It doesn’t hurt to be civil - especially before a win!

 9. Use the bins. Properly!

The club will actually benefit a great deal if cans and bottles are the only things that go in the recycle bins.

10. Meet the committee

The committee is there to support the development of teams and individuals. Get to know the committee members and share with them your ideas about how to improve the club experience.

11. Try umpiring

Every team needs to provide one and a half umpires. Why not give it a go?

12. Stay connected

Join the Facebook group. Promote the club through your new media networks.


13. Support


When was the last time you went out and watch another grades game??? So get out there and support you fellow club mates!!



Give us your email address: email secretary@woodvillehockeyclub.com.au to join the email list.