Club Communication

The Club communicates to its members via a number of means including a weekly newsletter, email updates, website and Facebook Page. 

Once you are a member of a team, you will also receive additional communication from your coach, manager and captain which may be by way of email or text message.

General meetings for all members will be held prior to, or after training at various times throughout the year and prior notification will be given to all members as to the date of each meeting.  All agenda items are to be submitted to the secretary no later than 5:00 pm on the day before the meeting is to be held.

If you have any concerns or worries then you should not leave them till the end of the season.  Often it is too late for anything to be done.  We would prefer you to voice your concerns to the appropriate person straight away and hopefully a solution can be found quickly. 

If you have any concerns relating to on-field matters, coaching or selection concerns please contact the team coach or manager.  If you do not feel you have had a satisfactory response please contact a member of the committee or put it in writing addressed to the secretary.

Notification of the monthly training times and games and other relevant information will be emailed to all members.  These details will also be available on our website.

Newsletters will be issued to all members of via email or paper copy if requested.