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Little Athletics Program for Schools

Through LAPS, the Tasmanian Little Athletics Association aims to deliver an outstanding educational athletic program that provides a high quality experience to every participant.

The children involved will develop basic running, jumping and throwing skills by participating in highly active sessions with approved Tasmanian Little Athletics Association presenters

Our qualified presenters travel to schools and coach students in Sprints, Relays, Hurdles, Shot Put, Discus, Long Jump and High Jump. Which event, and the number of events to be coached is up to the school. LAPS is a flexible program so that we can cater for every school's needs! Presenters can visit the school for a one-off session or a program of regular sessions over many weeks subject to availability.

The focus is on group participation, team moral and lots of fun activities.

At the end of the school coaching program, all students will receive a Certificate of Participation and a small giveaway as well as information about how they can join their local Little Athletics Centre.

The Guidelines -

  • It is necessary that one (1) teacher accompany each group of 30 students. Group sizes will be strictly no more than thirty students per coach at a time. Teachers are encouraged to stand close by to the instructing coach to allow the coach to easily communicate session objectives, coaching points and explanations. Teachers can take notes if they wish.
  • In the event of wet weather (or the forecast of extremely hot weather), the school is required to contact the presenter at least 60 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled sessions (e.g. by 8.30am at the latest for a 9.30am start). Should the day be cancelled at this time, the session may be rescheduled in liaison with the TLAA Office.
  • Schools are to ensure adequate hydration of students. Encourage them to bring a drink bottle to the session/s.
  • Schools are required to provide a safe and suitable area for the conduct of the activities. For example, adequate space, appropriate surfaces and equipment in good condition. It is also good backup to organise suitable indoor facilities, such as a school hall, if wet weather prevails on the day.
  • TLAA  will supply the majority of the equipment for the running and throwing sessions.
  • High Jump - the school must have adequate high jump bags, including up rights, if they wish to conduct high jump. High jump mats should: - Cover an area of approximately 3600mm x 2400mm, be held firmly together with straps or ties and the whole area covered by a one-piece overlay. High Jump mats must be already set up or are easily accessible for presenters on the day.
  • Long Jump - the school must have a safe, well-maintained long jump pit if they intend to conduct long jump.
  • Prior to the presenters arrival on day, the long jump pit should:- be well filled with soft sand, to the point where any “drop” between the surface around the edges of the pit and the top surface of the sand is avoided, or at least minimized, be dug over and all foreign objects be removed, be long and wide enough to ensure a safe landing in the pit for all age groups and not feature any hard borders that participants may land or overbalance onto.
  • High jump, discus and hurdles are not conducted for infants.
  • TLAA presenters will pay utmost attention to safety, however they can not take responsibility for the implementation of any first aid procedures, if required.
  • If a school wishes to make any changes, such as dates, times, venues, rescheduling, cancellation or extra coaching sessions, it must be totally coordinated through the TLAA Office.


Click here to download a Booking/Enquiry Form.