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Adults who can join
Masters swimming is for any adult already 18 years old to 90+.  There are no limits to how long you can swim and be a member of Masters Swimming Queensland (MSQ).
The state organisation of MSQ is based in the Swimming Queensland (SQ) office, which is in the Brisbane Aquatic Centre, Chandler, Brisbane.

The Formation of MSA
Masters Swimming Australia was formed in September 1975, under the banner of AUSSI (Australian Union of Senior  Swimmers Internationally).  In 2010 the acronym AUSSI was dropped in favour of Masters Swimming Australia.

The Administration of MSQ
In 2009 MSQ amalgamated with SQ and through this process a Service Level Agreement was signed to enable the latter organisation to administer MSQ.
The two organistions operate independently - each with its own constitution, by-laws and board members.
MSQ is affiliated with Masters Swimming Australia and FINA the international Swimming organisation.

There are a few ways of joining Masters Swimming. You need not be a highly competitive swimmer or even want to compete, but whatever your needs, our organisation, through its clubs, will cater for your particular needs.  If you're 18 years old already or older (no limit), you are eligible to join our adult swimming organisation. There is something for every level of swimmer and we would love to meet you.

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Additional Information

The website has information on clubs, registrations, swim meet calendar, coaching and training programs and about technical officials.
Some of the specific information with links to the sites are listed below:

Club Information
Swimming Programs
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Events   (Swim meets, Calendar of events, Pan Pacific Masters Games)

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