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MSQ Coaching Courses 2013

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A list below will register information on each course.

Procedure for registering to become a Masters Swimming Coach

Enrolment Forms :

Registration Form for the Intro Club Coach Course and Club Coach Course. Print 2 separate copies.

NOTE: Both courses have to be done:  the Intro Club Coach Course  and the Club Coach Course. The second course occurs a month after the Introductory Course.
A fee is set prior to the course registrations.  Clubs will be notified of the costs.

Part 1: Intro Coach Course:

The free online course must be done before attending the course. The ASC Beginners General Coaching Principles (BGCP) course web address is:

Complete the course and print the certificate.

Part 2: Club Coach Course:

The 4 required units of the ASC IGCP course at a State Coaching & Officiating Centre must be completed before the Club Coach Course:

Print the certificate, once completed.

Note: The Club Coach Course is the second part of the course.

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25 Aug 2013

Intro Coaching Course 1

 22 July 2013

   Genesis Christian College Pool, Bray Park


22 Sept 2013

Club Coach
Course 2

 16August 2013

   Genesis Christian College Pool, Bray Park







 Payment details are on the flyers.