The Squash Vic Secondary School Squash Championships is open to all secondary schools across Victoria.



Karen Cagliarini          M:  0409 526 224            Squash Vic office: 9682 2199

E:  karen.cagliarini@bigpond.com.                 Squash Vic office: info@squashvic.com.au


Regional Events:

Regional events will be held as required as close as possible to the participating schools and venues will be advised at the close of entries.



Seniors:                                Thursday 28 July 2011
Yrs 9 & 10 and Yrs 7 & 8:     Thursday 1 September 2011




Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC), Aughtie Drive, Albert Park 3206




Seniors:                      Thursday 25 August 2011
Inters:                         Thursday 20 October 2011
Yr 7 & 8:                       Thursday 10 November 2011



Squash is conducted under the Rules of Squash as adopted by the World Squash Federation unless otherwise stated. www.worldsquash.org


Each team to consist of three players. Changing of seedings during competition will result in either forfeiture of the relevant matches or forfeiture of the round or disqualification, at the convener’s discretion.

A match comprises three rubbers.  Each rubber is timed for 15 minutes.  Scoring is point a rally scoring until time runs out.  If the score is level at end of time, a sudden death point must be played to determine a winner.  Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 2 matches.



Total rubbers won shall determine the winner.

Round Robin Winner:

The winner shall be the team with the most wins.  If number of wins is equal, total number of rubbers is considered.  If still equal, the total number of points is considered.



Lateness Penalty:

If a team is late for the start of their match for reasons beyond their control and the team communicates with the convener, then the convener will try to accommodate the team as best he/she can.

If a team is 15 min late without notice or communication or in the convener’s opinion their lateness makes the draw impracticable, then they will forfeit the rubber.  This continues for each 15 min.



Competitors must be dressed in their school sports uniform or acceptable squash attire.  Non marking soled sport shoes must be worn.


It is compulsory that all players wear eye protection that meets Squash Australia standards.



Equipment to Bring:

Competing teams must provide:

*     their own squash racquets and eyewear

*     runners (non marking soles)

*     a competent scorer



Briefing                     commences at 9.15 am

Round 1                     commences at 9.30 am

Finish/presentations 2.30pm


Squash Vic will Provide:

Yellow dot squash balls


Medallions / prizes (state finals only)



$55.00 per team (Squash Vic will invoice all schools accordingly)


How to enter:



Closing date:


Coaching/Coach opportunities


Please contact Karen Cagliarini (contact details above) to register your schools interest, a Squash Vic Information Pack will then be sent out to your school.


June 17, 2011


Squash Vic will be offering:

·    assistance with coaching and/or school team selections

·    teacher inservice/workshops

Further details will be supplied in the Information Pack.






For a printable copy of this information click here.