Requesting assistance

Guidelines for requesting assistance from the Rotary Club of Woden

The Rotary Club of Woden receives many requests for assistance from the local, national and international people, organisations and communities.

We dedicates most of our funds and resources to the Rotary Foundation, the club service activities and club projects.

From time to time, resources are available, at the discretion of the membership, to assist other for worthwhile organisations or individuals.

We support programs of Rotary

We welcome applications from members of the community who wish to take part in a Rotary program.

In particular, we support:

Rotary Youth exchange programs

Supporting local young people

For many of these programs, a Rotary Club must nominate and support the attendee.
Make you application directly to the Club (contact us) or through a third party - in writing.

We may be able to provide:

  • financial assistance
  • provision of goods or services
  • work by our members

We prefer to assist:

  • recognised charitable or service organizations
  • those who assist themselves

Individuals (other than those partaking in Rotary programs) are, generally, not assisted – but there are been exceptions.
Normally, where we provided support to an individual, an organisation recommended that individual as someone worthy of support.

Requests for assistance:

In your request for assistance, please explain the assistance sought and how this will help individuals or communities in need.
If we consider giving assistance, we may request may seek further information.

We do not reply to all requests for assistance received.

If you made a request, please wait a reasonable time (some months) before asking for the Club’s response.

Initially, the Executive of the Club considers requests received.
If they consider it worthy of further consideration, they make a brief prsentation to the general membership.
Only when the membership considers the request worthy, will the Club consider the application in detail.

Send all requests for assistance to the Club Secretary, not an individual Rotarian
In writing via email or post (refer to contact us).

Last modified JW 21 November 2016