Hospital wishing well

Rotary Wishing Well in the atrium entry to Canberra Hospital, Woden

The Hospital was named the Woden Valley Hospital until 1996View of Rotary wishing well in entrance to Canberra Hospital

Giving wishes since 1993 as a long-term Club initiative for the Woden community and a continuing relationship with the Canberra Hospital. Unfortunatly the wishing well was not reinstated when the atrium entry to Canberra Hospital was refurbished in 2016.

We used donated coins to purchase equipment and artworks for the benefit of hospital patients and visitors.

The Club determined what to purchase in conjunction with the Hospital staff and the Canberra Hospital Foundation members - The Foundation raises funds for services and research promoting the health and well-being of residents of the Australian Capital Territory and the surrounding region.

There were many areas in the hospital that had needs that could be assisted by proceeds for the wishing well.

Some purchases:

  • A special adjustable chair/couch made by Dalcross, that can be used by patients in the Oncology Ward or their visitors, especially when prolonged periods are involved, such as during oncology treatments - dedicated in memory of Eric Taylor, a respected Past President of our Club, who died in 2009 (2010)
  • Two specialised mattresses (‘Spanco’ mattresses) for use by patients in Ward 8B who are in bed and unable to move by themselves – the mattresses reduce bedsores by protecting all pressure-prone areas of the body and making any bed more comfortable (2006)
  • Folding beds for the use of relatives of patients in Ward 8B (2006)
  • Furniture in the public area between Wards 6A and 6B – for this the wishing well funds contribute part of the cost (2008)
  • Blinds in the guest sitting room in Ward 6A (2008)
  • Outdoor furniture for use by patients, visitors and staff in the garden near Ward 12B (2004)
  • A major refurbishing of the visitors’ lounge in Ward 7A – for this, Club funds significantly supplemented the wishing well contributions (2002)
  • Art work hanging on the hospital walls - a major artwork for Ward 6A (1999) and two artworks for Ward 7A (2002)
The wishing well was an initiative of Club past president Frank Long and collegues - this is the original plaque After the Club changed its name in 2009, we installed this new plaque



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