Canberra College awards

Robert Harvie Memorial Bursary

Woden Rotary presents this Bursary, in memory of former member Bob Harvie, with a value of $1,500 to a deserving and less-fortunate student from Melrose High School who is going to continue their education at Canberra College for their use on out-of-pocket college expenses while a student at Canberra College (over one or two years). It is designed to assist the student to achieve their potential where the money is likely to make a significant difference. Academic and other achievements, leadership qualities and career choices are to be considered, but they are not priority criteria. The bursary can be spent on College related expenses for academic, education and vocational training, sport and other college activities and can include books and stationery, excursions, technological equipment that assists in multiple learning areas (e.g. tablet, internet connection/dongle), computer applications to assist in specialist learning areas (e.g. CAD), and extension/vocational learning areas (e.g. external lessons, safety equipment, sporting equipment) and similar things.

Awards to Canberra College students

Woden Rotary presents two awards to year 12 Canberra College students at the College annual speech night:

The Rotary Club of Woden Stuart Garnsey Award to a student who has given exceptional for service to the College community and achieved academically beyond expectations – more on Stuart Garnsey and the award

The Rotary Club of Woden Arthur Holder Award to a student who has demonstrated obvious personal development during their time at the College and who has made a major contribution to College life in the areas of citizenship, leadership and sporting achievement - more on Arthur Holder and the award

Each award is $300 (for the purchase of books) and a certificate

The College teaching staff selects the awardees

Previous awardees:

  Stuart Garnsey Award Arthur Holder Award Robert Harvie Memorial Bursary
2016  Matilda Dowse  Lillian Rowlands  Ndubuisi Obinna
 Chibuzo Obinna
2015    Craig Dear  
2012  Natalia Beghin     
 2011  Alistair Smith  Kate Sivonen  
 2010  Stevie-Lea Pedemont  Maria Shilova  
 2009  Elaine Li  Kate Pettigrove  
 2008  Emily Rushton  Sam Maxted  
 2007  Lachlan Caunt  Andrew Szabo  
 2006  Eliza Hopkins  Danielle Sweeney  
 2005  Melinda Noble  Korri Chaivannacoopt  
 2004  Alix-Maree Kuzma  John Milton  
 2003  Melanee Hynsen  Rehetta Wiseman  
 1994  Trish Keeley
 Phillip Whitby
 Felicity Hopkinson
 Darren Boulton
 1991    Mossy Tait  
 1986  Juan Varila
 Jenny Weise
 Gordon Moss
1976   Ruth Elvin  
Unfortunately our records are incomplete. If you know who received the award where we have no details, please contact us and advise.

Schools and colleges where awards given

As the government schools and challeges in the Woden Valley have changed (see history), the award has been give to students at different schools and colleges

Stuart Garnsey Award:
  1972 to 1989 – Woden Valley High School

  1990 to 1997 – Phillip College

  1998 to present – Canberra College

Arthur Holder Award:
  1976 to 1997 – Phillip College

  1998 to present – Canberra College

History of government high schools and colleges in the Woden Valley

Woden Rotary has always given its secondary student awards to students at government high schools or secondary colleges in the Woden Valley. Over the years, the recipient school or college has changed as the schools and colleges changed name and location.

Deakin High School in Deakin, commenced in 1966 and amalgamation with the with Woden Valley High School to form the Alfred Deakin High School in 1989

Woden Valley High School in Mawson, commenced in 1968 and amalgamation with the with Deakin High School to form the Alfred Deakin High School in 1989

Alfred Deakin High School is an ACT government secondary school in Deakin in South Canberra covering years 7 to 10. Alfred Deakin was the second Australian Prime Minister.
The school commenced in 1989 with the renaming of Deakin High School in Deakin (commenced in 1966) and amalgamation with Woden Valley High School in Mawson (1968 - 1989)

Canberra College is an ACT government secondary college covering years 11 and 12. It has two campuses: Woden Campus in Phillip and Weston Campus in Stirling, in Weston Creek.
Until 1997, the Woden Campus was called Phillip College (commenced in 1976).
In 1997, Stirling College in Stirling (commenced in 1977) became the Weston Campus.

See the list of schools in the ACT and Libraries ACT schools database for more details

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