Vocational service awards

Woden Rotary Club makes awards to recognise and honour outstanding contribution by individuals or small teams of individuals for significant advancement in their vocational field in Australia.

The aims of the awards are:

  • To recognise vocational excellence of the highest order and to honour outstanding contribution by individuals or small teams of individuals for significant advancement in their vocational field in Australia.
  • To inspire further enthusiasm and to give added reward to the exceptional achievers.
  • To set an example to others of the need to strive for vocational excellence for the benefit of their discipline and Australia.
  • To recognise outstanding achievement in vocational excellence where public award or recognition may not yet have been received.

George Paulus Vocational Service Award

The Club gives its ‘George Paulus Vocational Service Award’ to a person or group working in the local community whom the Club members consider is giving particularly excellent service or enthusiasm through their vocation.

The award is in remembrance of the late George Paulus, the founding president of our club in 1969. George placed great importance on the responsible pursuit of one’s vocation in service to the community and was an exemplar of the service-based aims of Rotary in our daily lives and vocations.

The Club founded this special vocational service award in remembrance of George in 1990/91, after he died.

2011/12 award

Canberra College’s Jan Marshall was this year’s recipient of our club’s George Paulus Vocational Service Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the education and support of young people of Canberra through and its Eclipse and Stay, and CCCares program.

Jan has provided exemplary service for the community since she began assisting students with special needs fourteen years ago.
She established Canberra College’s Eclipse and Stay program for students who did not fit into mainstream college programs.
That evolved into the CCCares program four years ago.

The CCCares program at Canberra College:

  • provides an education and support program catering for pregnant and parenting students in the ACT and surrounding districts
  • is run from the College’s Weston Campus
  • has over 130 students enrolled
  • operates in an open plan learning environment
  • has classrooms, kitchens, playrooms, sleep rooms, change rooms, a medical suite, gym and outside play areas
  • offers transport for students and their children between their homes and school
  • offers a supportive environment for students and fosters the social and emotional intelligence of young families


Award evening - Jeff Ibbotson (Club Service Director), Jan with her award certificate and Bernadette Cappello (Club President)

Previous awardees have included:go to top button

2009/10 - Werner Feldner for pride in workmanship in his field of bookbinding, with particular reference for his work in binding annual sets of The Raven for our Club - presentation recorded in The Raven 14 October 2009

2008/09 - Mary Damassis, for her friendly and helpful sevice to the Club at our dinner meetings at the Embassy Motel, Deakin over many years

2008/09 - Ricky Salaysay, for all the work done on behind the scenes at the Embassy Motel in catering for our weekly dinners and special occasions over many years

2007/08 - Bishop Pat Power, Auxiliary Bishop of Canberra-Goulburn, in recognition of his dedicated service to the poor and marginalized people in society and the Church and in the field of ecumenical and inter-Faith relations.

2007/08 - Jamie Geedes, from The Good Guys for in-store service to customers

2006/07 - Major General Steve Gower on behalf of the Australian War Memorial, for the very successful Australian War Memorial Plaque Dedication Program provided the opportunity for many service men and women to reunite in Canberra, to remember the significant contributions they made, to remember fallen comrades, and to allow visitors walking to the memorial from the car park to appreciate the extent and the commitment of that service

2006/07 - Peter Veenker, for outstanding services to the Canberra Community through the development of the CIT Restaurant, Reid, which has become a local institution that has thrilled diners and given many young people great career opportunities in the hospitality industry

2005/06 - Bronwyn McCrohon, a Serving Sister, and retiring Chairman of the Community Care Branch of St John Ambulance ACT joined with Dr Doug Sturkey, a Commander of the Order of St John, the new Chairman to receive the George Paulus Award for their continuing work with Project Survival to equip youth at risk with life-saving CPR skills, elementary first aid

2004/05 - Linda Shepley and Sandra Cusack, for their dedication and splendid work at the Woden Special School with the disabled in creating opportunities for young people with disabilities and enabling them to participate in community and elite sports - presentation recorded in The Raven 9 March 2005

2003/04 - ACT Bushfire Recovery Centre

2001/02 - Cardiac Surgical Unit and Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit of Canberra Hospital

2000/01 - Jack Koina, for outstanding service as Director of Technical Aid to the Disabled for the ACT

1997/98 - National Museum of Australia, for the initiation of a guiding program at Old Parliament House in the early 1990s

1995/96 - George Tomlins, for his contribution to the planning of Canberra

1994/95 - Kelvin Steel, the supervising architect for the Woden Valley Hospital redevelopment

1994/95 - Michael Jewry

1993/94 - Dr Brian Hurley

1987/88 - Mrs Dorothy Steele

1986/87 - Chris Rutter

1986/87 - Tina van Raay

1981/82 - Ted and Joyce Woodwell

1980/81 - Brian Leach

1979/80 - Des Kennedy

1979/80 - Jan Bugler and Des Kennedy

1978/79 - Geoff Burden

1978/79 - Jan Hatch

1978/79 - Sister Glenys Hunt

1978/79 - Geoff Burden

1978/79 - Jan Hatch

1977/78 - Jean Graham

1977/78 - Rob McKay

1976/77 - ACT Police, on their 50th Anniversarygo to top button

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