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 SPLASH-E is the quarterly newsletter for Masters Swimming NSW


If you are a member of MSNSW and would like to receive email notification when a new edition is placed on this website, ask your Club Registrar to tick the Branch Newsletter box in your on-line registration information. Alternatively, the Club Registrar may contact the MSNSW office and this will be done by the Branch Registrar.

If you are not a member of MSNSW and would still like to receive electronic notification when the newsletter is available, send an email to admin@mastersswimmingnsw.org.au

We would love to publish a newsletter more frequently, but to do this we need contributions from the members. If you have any contribution for future newsletters, send to the editor, by email to splasheditor@mastersswimmingnsw.org.au (articles should be between 75-200 words and come with a photo).



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