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Funding Program Overview (Qld Government Dept. of Sport and Recreation)


A.   Event Stay:  a great initiative from Western Australia, for clubs to benefit financially and at the same
         time to help fellow swimmers throughout Qld and further afield through a billet system.  Clubs increase
         their funds by giving members a place to stay in their homes at a small cost:  clubs benefit and so do the
         For detailed information, click on the following:

1.     Information on EVENT STAY
2.     Information for Clubs
3.     Information for Participants

B.  MSQ Forum
       Join our new forum to chat to members of other MSQ clubs, get advice about your training or technique or
       feedback on MSQ programs and events.
       To join and share the forum, click on the the link:

MSQ Clubs
      There are four regions in Queensland: 
      North Region          
(North of Mackay)
      Central Region        (North of Noosa - up to Mackay
      Sunshine Region     (North of the Brisbane River & south of Maryborough, including South Burnett)
      South Region          (South of the Brisbane River, Northern New South Wales - Tweed Heads, Lismore etc.)

      NOTE:  To join a club, please contact the club to introduce yourself.  If you have not been a member of another
                 MSA club, you would need to join as a NEW REGISTRATION.  Not all clubs include the club fee online
                 and you would therefore need to pay the club fee directly to the club.
                 If you have been a member of another club and you wish to transfer to a new club, let that club know 
                 that and notify your old club.
                 The new club will need to transfer you to its membership.

      To access information on clubs in each region, you may click on the region above or check the drop down
      sub menus under

2.   Starting a New Club

        A new club must have a minimum of 5 members if it is purely a Masters Swimming Queensland club.

         Advantages of forming a ONE CLUB with an existing Junior SQ club:

  • You need only 3 members to form the Masters' component of the club
  • It already has an existing committee
  • Wider support and assistance for each other, particularly if you wish to host a swim meet
  • Wider scope from which to draw new members
  • Local recognition of SQ club - an advantage to MSQ members

       Click on New Club Information. (How to start a new club)

3.  Forms and Information for Clubs:

Administration Calendar 2013:  Clubs:
        This calendar should help MSQ members to ensure deadlines 
        and timelines are met.  The yellow highlights are specifically relevant to clubs and members.
        Administration Calendar 2013: BMB

        BMB Meetings 2013
         Newsletter Dates 2013
         Template - Annual Report

    Club Details and Affiliation Form - 2013
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4.   Barbarians - Branch Club
QBR, The Barbarians is a club run by the Branch/State organisation.  It was created to cater for swimmers 

  • live in remote areas too far from existing clubs
  • prefer not to join a club
  • prefer to train with swimmers, who don't belong to a club, but who enjoy training together
  • are unable to find enough swimmers to form a club, but live too far from an existing club

 5.   Club Circulars 
           Club Circulars are sent to clubs via email.  You may wish to view the Circulars if you are 
           unsure whether you have received the information.  
           The Circulars are sent to clubs for the benefit of every member of MSQ. 

           To access a Circular Click on the required one:

2013 Circulars

Circular 01/13 (17/01/2013)
Circular 02/13 (22/05/2013)
Circular 03/13 (14/06/2013)
Circular 04/13 (24/07/2013)

2012 Circulars

Circular 01/12 (06/01/2012)
Circular 02/12 (30/01/2012)
Circular 03/12 (16/04/2012)
Circular 04/12 (04/06/2012)
Circular 05/12 (20/07/2012)

Circular 06/12 (26/11/2012)
Circular 07/12 (21/12/2012)

 For Club Circulars 2011, click on  Archive