Sandgropers Self Assessment Form

Sandgropers Club


The questionnaire below is a self-assessment of your fitness to ensure that the training program you receive

from the Sandgropers Club is appropriate for you – not too easy and not too hard.

After the fitness self-assessment has been received, you will be graded as a beginner, intermediate,

proficient or expert swimmer and the relevant training programs will be sent to you.

1. Which of the following best describes your swimming ability?



– I swim regularly but only complete one or two laps without stopping.


Intermediate –


I swim 1-2 times per week and complete 500m – 1.5km training sessions.




– I swim at least three (3) times per week and complete 2 – 3km training sessions.




– I swim four (4) or more times per week with speed and distance sessions of 3km or



2. What strokes can you swim and how far can you swim without stopping?


Backstroke: _____________________________________________________________


Breaststroke: ____________________________________________________________


Butterfly: _______________________________________________________________


Freestyle: _______________________________________________________________


3. If you are an intermediate, proficient or expert swimmer, how fast can you swim 50m in the following




Backstroke Breaststroke


Butterfly Freestyle


4. How often do you swim? ______________________________________________________


5. How far do you swim each time? ________________________________________________


6. How long (hrs/min) is your training session? ______________________________________


7. What other exercise do you undertake? __________________________________________




8. Do you have any health or disability problems? ____________________________________





Please complete this Fitness Self-Assessment form and return it to Project Coordinator,

Sandgropers Club, C/- Masters Swimming WA @ PO Box 57, Claremont WA 6910.