Membership Information

What you get for your membership

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National Level

Part-time General Manager to liaise with Federal Government and sporting associations on a whole range of issues, both within Australia and on the International sporting scene.

  • Part-time Operations Manager to administer the sport including IT, Technical andCoachingportfolios.
  • Negotiation of a comprehensive insurance cover specifically forMasters SwimmingAustralia members.
  • NationalBoardmeetings held twice yearly to set policy and review programs and rules.
  • Organisation of timetable and program for Annual National Swim Meets and Masters Games.
  • A National E-newsletter includingCoachingand Technical information distributed to all members who ‘tick the box’.
  • Nationally recognisedCoachingAccreditation and Technical Officials accreditation
  • Records kept at National level on portal on the website and distribution of World Records
  • Submission and production of National Top 10 annually for women, men and relays.
  • Production of National Aerobic Trophy results.
  • Provision of awards, publications, merchandise etc.
  • Provision of National badged clothing.
  • Establishment and review of safety policies for clubs and swim meets.

State Level

  • Full-time Executive Officer to manage day-today affairs ofMasters SwimmingWA and represent our sport to government and other organisations.
  • 6-weeklyBoardmeetings to set and review activities of the association, with quarterly E-News distributed to clubs and members electronically.
  • Provision of updated State, National and World swim records at interclub swim meets.
  • Sanctioning of approximately 17 BE ACTIVE and Distance swim meets per year to ensure quality and safety of these meets including provision of medical cover.
  • Sanctioning of 10 OWS events conducted annually by MSWA clubs.
  • Welcome/Information Kit sent to all new members via Club Contacts.
  • Organisation of OWS and Pool State Championships each year.
  • Scheduling and production of calendar for pool swim meets.
  • Collation and production of annual OWS calendar.
  • Annual Awards, which include Coach of the Year, Official of the Year, McDonald Club Administration Award, Service Award and nominations for external awards.
  • Opportunity to become an accredited Masters Coach.
  • Opportunity to become qualified as a Referee or any other technical official.
  • Annual Report produced and available through Club Contacts.
  • Website updated weekly with club contacts, event material, resources , technical course flyers & registration forms, coaching tips and course information.

Club Level

  • A safe and managed environment to keep fit, have fun, and form friendships.
  • A welcome/information package including handbook.
  • Training partners.
  • A supports system for starters and improvers.
  • Measuring sticks for improvement such as time trials, aerobic swims, Top Ten lists.
  • Social events as organised by your club.
  • A Committee to run the Club by holding regular meetings.
  • Coachingby qualified Masters coaches in many clubs.
  • Opportunity to participate in hosting a BE ACTIVE Club Challenge or Distance Swim meet per year.
  • Opportunity to compete at chosen level of competition for records or inclusion in Top Ten Results.
  • Provision of Club’s uniform/clothing.
  • Opportunity to learn management and other skills.