Indigenous Health Scholarships

Woden Rotary supports indigenous students studying to become health professionals through the Indigenous Health Scholarship Program managed by Australian Rotary Health.Australian Rotary Health logo

People training as doctors, nurses, and other health related professions may be assisted by the Scholarship Program.

The aim is to assist students to gain an education that will, in turn, enable them to use their education for the benefit of other indigenous people - hopefully, but not necessarily, in some of our remote areas.

It is a co-operative program between Australian Rotary Health, Rotary clubs, some State or Territory Governments and the Commonwealth Government.

The scholarship is $5,000 per year to assist indigenous students with their day-to-day expenses while studying. A Rotary Club contributes $2,500 per year and the State or Commonwealth Government provides a similar amount. The scholarship payments are additional to the Government Austudy allowance.

Photo of Marian Bateup graduating as a nurse from University of CanberraWoden Rotary recently supported Marion Bateup, through a Rotary Indigenous Health Scholarship, to become a registered nurse.
We are incredibly proud of her achievements.





Interested in being supported in becoming a health professional?
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 Last updated JW 12 November 2011