Club Management

Woden Rotary is a voluntary association managed by a Board

The Rotary Club of Woden Inc. is an incorporated entity in the ACT with ABN 55991835536 and Constitution.
Our operation and financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June.

Board members 2021-22

  • President: Shukry Sahhar
  • Vice President: Jeff Ibbonson
  • President Elect: Neal Fogarty
  • Immediate Past President: Debora Whitfield
  • Secretary: John Widdup
  • Executive Secretary: Heather Dyne
  • Treasurer: Heather Dyne
  • Community: Valmai Burns
  • New Generations & Club Service: Debora Whitfield
  • International & Rotary Foundation: Debora Whitfield
  • Administration & Public Relations: Val Burns
  • Membership & Public Service: Viola Kalokerinos
  • Club Service: Walter Schoning

Other officers

  • Youth Protection Officer: Neal Fogarty
  • Meeting Attendance: Valmai Burns, Heather Dyne
  • Meeting Program: TBD
  • Sergeant: John Burns
  • Public Officer: Debora Whitfield
  • Member Data: Jeff Ibbotson
  • Bulletins (The Raven): John Widdup, John Burns
  • Facebook Page Management: Walter Schoning
  • Webmaster: John Widdup, Leanne Broad
  • Archive and storage: Jeff Ibbotson


     District Assistant Governor (Area 5) for Woden Rotary: Georgie Le Couteur
     (Tuggeranong Rotary Club)

Board Members & other officers for 2022-23 - most still to be elected

  • President: Neal Fogarty
  • President Elect: Heather Dyne
  • Immediate Past President: Shukry Sahhar
  • Secretary: John Widdup
  • Treasurer & Executive Secretary: Heather Dyne
  • Administration: Valmai Burns
  • Community Projects: John Burns
  • New Generations: Debora Whitfield
  • International & Rotary Foundation: Viola Kalokerinos
  • Environment: Jeff Ibbotson
  • Membership: Walter Schoning
  • Public Image: Claus Dirnberger
  • Meeting Attendance:
  • Meeting Program:
  • Sergeants:
  • Public Officer:
  • Member Data:
  • Photo Records:
  • Bulletins (The Raven):
  • Facebook Page Management:
  • Webmaster:

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